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Asset Tracker for Networks is an inventory tool for auditing of software and hardware components installed on computers on the network. This Inventory Management Software will collect network inventory information, provide the Network Administrator with detailed comprehensive reports and allow you to export information inventory external data sources. It is an excellent solution for auditing all types of software assets in a corporate network, including but not limited to, information on the operating system, processor, memory and hard disk, information, inventory software, network printers, network cards, operational environment and much more.

The inventory software requires no network settings on the network of individual stations. Instead, the network administrator runs the program on your desktop and click inventory network. The program monitors the network settings to find computers and network devices, and automatically provides network administrators with the inventory control information for each computer or device found in a few minutes.

Asset Tracker for Networks offers statistical reports for your needs. General Business Report, processors, memory and operating system messages, installed software and software licenses reports are already included in the Asset Tracker for Networks. Also, you can request certain types of messages that can be tailored to their needs or even develop your own.

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