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What they don't tell you about Open Source Content Management Software? Open Source Inventory Management solutions have received positive press as a free and open source model. But the solutions that actually provide the best option for businesses? The issue was widely discussed in industry. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Open Source Content Management solutions.

The main advantage of Open Source Content Management solutions and Inventory Management Software is the source code is available on the site administrator to make their own changes to the software in a way he sees it. This is great for an immediate update, but it is good for the long term? Changes in the underlying code may limit future growth and support the application. This may occur because the changes that were the core of the program may prevent the ability to apply the changes in the future. In this case, the company may be at risk that will remain in current version, together with the limitations or problems that may have a version. Before the opening of the Open Source project site to think about these questions:


  • Free access to open source content management solution is not equivalent to free or cheap web content management. This product is not built, as one might expect, compared to a commercial package.

  • Commercial CMS has the technical support and their experts will take time to ensure the applicability of advanced product and help you with the training without the guidance of technical staff to take control of your site. Meanwhile, the Open Source Inventory Management Software solutions are developed for the more technically-minded users. Questions effects of client investment restrictions CMS content management for people with expertise.

  • Open Source products are based on the community network to provide support to its users through the web based forums and blogs. From the perspective of the organization to support a comprehensive set of Open Source solutions are capable of giving the answer that the product specialist willing to take the property, which is able to give. Before taking its decision on the selection of open source or commercial CMS to consider in your site and the future growth of your current desire to be free to cover the CMS, its needs in the future may not be able to support by Open Source Inventory Management Software solutions.

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