Organizing a White Paper with Technical Writing Exercise

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One of its largest customers to hear that your company has a Good inventory management Software(IMS), and they want to know how it works. You are invited to write a white paper to be presented to the client.

Arrange for the white paper content in logical order. Each circuit has a cut line that indicates this is a copy of which follows.

1. Recommended Resources
This website and product literature will be useful in the development of inventory management more effective for your operation.

2. Pre-requisites
To achieve the objective, efficient systems and procedures must be in place.

3. Result
Inventory Management is more efficient, which runs between the performance of their equipment and for consumers.

4. Situation
Effective inventory management is a bunch of man-operation, which depends on several factors.

5. Quoted from his company in connection with the president, is important for inventory control.

6. Systems and processes
Systems and processes cited are based on those used Guffman, as representative of an effective and efficient infrastructure across the industry.

7. Special Operations
A number of other types of operations often associated with performance.

8. Objectives
Effective inventory management supports the achievement of its operations.

When you're ready to check the solution below Exercise;


Our recommended order of the contents:

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